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For the SIXTH year in a row, the TBA-SA Annual Muay Thai Tournament has received over 500 registrations, making it consistently the largest Muay Thai tournament in North America! Two of those have had OVER 600!

The Annual TBA Classic has only ONE 'rules style' - Muay Thai! Not K-1, Not Kickboxing, Not Glory Rules. Straight up MUAY THAI!  The Science of Eight Limbs. ALL divisions utilitze ALL 'eight limbs' - punches, kicks, knees & elbows.  Novice divisions are modified, allowing elbows to the body only. Other divisions use padded elbows. Please visit the rules page to see the TBA-SA rules. 

The TBA Classic is the ONLY tournament to use fully certified USMF Officials!

*times may change slightly

We will stop accepting new registrations at midnight the Sunday before the tournament start date.

Thursday before Tournament starts
(this may be Friday if its a smaller event)

Check ins - 12:00-4:00

Mandatory Fighters/Trainers Rules Meeting - 7:30
Brackets posted at approximately 10:00pm


Officials Certification Workshop 9:00-11:00
Dr. Yared Vazquez Concussion Workshop

Trainers Check In - 9:30-11:30 (receive passes)

Elimination Rounds - 1:00 - 6:00
Doors Open to Spectators at 12:00


Elimination Rounds - 9:30-5:30
Doors Open to Spectators at 9:00


Championship Weigh Ins – 6:30-8:30

115 Championship Bouts - 9:30-5:00
Doors Open to Spectators at 9:00


The TBA-SA takes pride in holding the 11th Annual Muay Thai World Expo Tournament this June. Starting out with just 100 fighters 10 years ago, the Annual Tournament has grown to become the largest amateur Muay Thai tournament in North America.  Offering 14 divisions which are broken into three age groups: junior, adult and senior for fighters ranging in age from 6 to 55 and four experience groups; Novice, Class B, Class A and Open fighters are able to safely compete against other fighters with similar experience to ensure a safer atmosphere.

In order to constantly streamline the tournament weekend, fighters are asked after the completion of the tournament to participate in a follow up satisfaction survey. Tournament coordinators follow up with fighters, coaches and officials to identify issues for refinement and subsequent improvement. We actively seek input from all contributing time and effort in the tournament.


Once received, registrations are typically processed and posted within 24 hours. Fighters stats are posted online in the bracket so participants can see who they are fighting.  ALL brackets and tournament information are always available to the public. In the event a bracket only has one fighter, fighters/trainers are invited to review brackets and notify us of where they'd like to be moved to. We keep communication open and will answer all questions in a timely manner. 


The Annual Muay Thai tournament arguably has the most efficient weight & medical check in process. The tournament staff take pride in their organized and efficient approach to Check Ins, processing almost 500 fighters in just over 4 hours.  Fighters schedule their check in appointments and complete the 5 stations in an average of 15 minutes.  Stations consist of paperwork, check in, scales, physicals, and check outs where all fighters receive a goody bag filled with the event T-shirt, event towel as well as other items.  If a fighters does not make weight, they have an option to transfer to an available bracket.

After all fighters have checked in, staff begins to sort the 110+ brackets. Using both bracketology software and the necessary paper backup required to keep from having any major glitches.

Brackets are posted by midnight, as well as an online schedule, well in advance of the 1st fight day (Friday) so fighters can plan accordingly. During the tournament, teams are constantly aware of the progression of the tournament in several different ways which include:  paper brackets posted in a public area, a monitor in the warm area, the online brackets updated as soon as a bout is announced, and new this year, a smart phone app that will display which bout number is currently in each ring. The event is held inside the hotel, providing the fighters the opportunity to relax in their rooms until time to pick up promoter provided gloves, shin guards, and elbow pads and warm up for their bout.

That efficiency coupled with running 4 rings allows us to generally finish *ahead* of schedule. Fighters, coaches and officials are not subjected to excessively fatiguing days that detract from performance in the ring and at ringside. Having the evenings open allows for fighters to socialize and unwind, so the weekend is more than just a blur.


The medical staff consists of multiple trauma certified physicians and ten paramedics - one pair of medics per ring with an extra set on hand to help with issues that arise in the warm up areas.  An ambulance is on site as well as back up ambulances on alert to ensure the bouts will run continuously without delays.

Fighters fight a maximum of 2 times per day, at the advisement of our highly trained medical staff, lead by Dr. Yared Vazquez, a recognized Ringside Physician (octagondoctor.com). Post fight medicals are conducted to properly screen for injury and the ability to continue if advancing to the next round. Because fighters will not fight again inside a 2-hour window on the same day, if medical symptoms (such as those associated with concussion) were to emerge after the fight, there is time for evaluation before fighting again.

Dr Vazquez is so dedicated to fighter health and safety, that he will be giving a free workshops on Concussions. The workshop will include

·      Pathophysiology of concussion
·      Anatomy of concussion
·      Tools to measure concussion symptoms
·      New approaches to treatment

As well as performance psychology in high performing athletes


In order to provide fighters with the highest caliber of officials, the TBA-SA has invested into continuing education and training for judges and referees. During tournaments of this size, TBA-SA officials are rotated and given scheduled breaks to stay fresh and focused.

The TBA-SA stays on top of the latest advice from medical experts with the goal of better and safer futures for our contestants.  The most recent addition to the safety requirements is the adoption of the new 8-count procedures proposed by the New Jersey State Athletic Control board.


"There are many options for national amateur championship tournaments in the US, but really only one choice: the TBA's"
                                 Steve Milles, owner & trainer at Five Point Academy, New York NY

"My first tournament was the TBA! And everything after that is hard to compare with! I have done it 3 times!
1. Weigh ins on time
2. Never got called last minute to fight.
3. Fight line up always posted and a screen in the warm up room to let you know that you were coming up.
4. The fights are in the same hotel so you can just wake up and fight or go chill out before your fights."

Samuel Mongonia, Fighter out of Revolution Dojo, Houston TX