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Ages 50+ 

No Head Contact - ALL Experience Levels

*Due to lower number of participants in this division, 
​Winners will be awarded trophies and not Title Belts.
The NHC (No Head Contact) competitors WILL be wearing headgear. No Chest Protector
Athlete will provide their own headgear. TBA-SA will be providing gloves, shin guards and elbow pads.

**If there are NO options for match-ups by the time we close out brackets, competitors in this division have the option to transfer over to the regular Senior divisions. 

If you notice an error on your registration, please send us an email so we can correct it!
Records reported as W-L-D/KO
(Win-Loss-Draw/TKO or KO)

Approximately 6 weeks before event, we will go through and close out brackets that do not have at least one fighter registered in it.  You may still register, but only in brackets that are still open.  Approximately 4 weeks before the event, we will begin working on 'matching' up the fighters that do not already have an opponent.  This may include asking two fighters two meet in the middle at a 'catch weight' or moving up to a higher experience division.  ALL brackets with only ONE fighter registered MUST be closed out BY 2 weeks out to allow us to finalize belts and awards. 

Pin Weight NHC: 95.1-105 Fly weight NHC: 105.1-115 Light Weight NHC: 115.1-125 Super Light Weight NHC: 125.1-135
Welter NHC: 135.1-145 Super Welter NHC: 145.1-155 Middle NHC: 155.1-165 Super Middle NHC: 165.1-175
Light Cruiser NHC: 175.1-185 Cruiser NHC: 185.1-200 Heavy NHC: 200.1-215 Super Heavy NHC: 215+


Jerry Thatcher
The Academy
Trainer: Ryan Murray
Brooklyn Center MN

Pending: Hamza Omar