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Mark your calendar for the next North American Muay Thai Classic on June 25-28, 2015!

June 26-29, 2014
Des Moines IA

Click here for event details

SUPER EARLY BIRD! October 15 thru December 31, 2013  -  $58
Early Bird: January 1 thru March 16, 2014 - $63
March 17 thru May 11, 2014 - $68
May 12 thru June 8 - $68 + $25 late fee = $93
June 9 thru June 22 - $68 + $45 late-late fee = $113

No registrations accepted after June 22nd!
Office will be closed as of 12:01am, Monday, June 23, 2014.
We will be setting up the tournament. I will not be able to do any office work.

NO refunds will be issued unless withdrawal is due to military deployment.   

NOTE:  It is your responsibility to keep us updated if your record changes before the day of the tournament! 
If you are in the novice and go over 3 fights, you MUST contact us immediately to change divisions.

***If You are a Professional fighter of Muay Thai, Kickboxing, or Boxing, you cannot compete in this amateur tournament.
If you register, your registration fee will not be returned!

Please complete all of the fields in the form.
First Name: Last Name: Today's Date:
Please list your birth name and any names you've been known as: (used to confirm identity and record) SSN/SIN#  
(This is to verify identity, if we need to do so. Jrs do not need to complete.)

 T-shirt Size:

(as of June 26)
Birth Date: Sex: Residential Country:
Mailing Address: City: State/Providence:  Postal Code:
Phone: Walking Weight: lbs. (not kg!)
maximum weight of bracket you are registering for!
Height: (in Feet & Inches, i.e. 5'10")
*If you are the trainer, list your email address in the trainer section. Do NOT put your email address on this line. Only Fighter's email address goes here.

Fighter's E-Mail Address: *

Do you want your event pass customized with your photo on it?
There will be a $2 processing fee.
Please pay w/ registration fee.

NOTICE: Effective in 2014 - ALL fighters in the finals MUST re-weigh (and make weight) on Championship Day.
There will be NO allowance at the initial weigh in. Championship day weigh in will allow a small allowance.
See the FAQ page for more information. ALL fighters must make weight in their thai shorts.
Junior Weight Brackets:

Borderline cases will be placed by TBA-SA with the best interests for fairness and the health of the competitors in mind.

On May 11, 2014, the TBA-SA staff will begin adjusting brackets, if needed, for those without an opponent. Your trainer will be contacted to discuss possible changes to ensure you have at least one fight and everyone has sufficient time to make new weight. Once empty brackets have been closed out, no one will be allowed to register in them. Registrations will be accepted for brackets with fighters still in. 

Adult Weight Brackets
Use this for All men's brackets and Ladies Senior, Class B & Class A:

PLEASE double check the wt you are registering for!
If you register and need to be moved, you will have to pay a "Transfer fee" to have your registration updated

Use this for Ladies Class Novice Only:

Brackets may be full.  Double check before registering. There may be a "transfer fee" for those asking to move up or down in weight classes after they have registered!

Division you are registering for

*You MUST include ALL ring experience!

This includes in-house sparring events, smokers, demos, mma, non-sanctioned bouts, boxing, all combative styles, etc -- if in doubt. ASK!


Gym/Training Facility: How long have you been training at this facility?
This will be confirmed w/ trainer
Gym Website:
Physical Address:  City: State/Providence: Postal Code:
Trainer's Name: Phone: Trainer's Email:
Please list all past gyms and/or trainers you have trained with:  (separate names with a comma)
Have you participated on a TBA-SA event in the past?

If so, list the event name(s) and year(s).

Fighter's Record
BE HONEST!!! If we discover you have blatantly lied, you will be disqualified without a refund!
Include ALL fight experience, we need FULL DISCLOSURE. If you are unsure whether to count it, contact us and we will tell you what needs to be counted
Muay Thai/Kickboxing/San Shou: Wins:  Losses:  Draws: KO's:
Smokers/Exhibitions/Demos: Wins:  Losses:    Draws:    KO's:
Boxing: Wins:   Losses:    Draws:    KO's:
MMA: Wins:   Losses:    Draws:    KO's:
Pankration: Wins:   Losses:    Draws:    KO's:  
(if you are Class A, Junior, and have excessive pankration experience, you do not have to report all of them, but we do need to disclose that you have had over 10 bouts). 

***If you have a question about what to include or where to include it, please either contact us before submitting your registration or include your question in the "Notes/Comments" box below......

Updating your record: It is your responsibility to update us if you have any fights (demos, exhibitions, etc) AFTER registering. Please send updated record via email in the following format: "W-L-D/KO" w/ date and promoter/opponent fought. If you fail to notify us so you can stay in a division you are no longer able to be in after your additional fight(s), you will be disqualified.

To help establish and support fighter's rankings within the TBA-SA, please list names of your past opponents, or any information you can remember about past ring experience, i.e. promoter/promotion, date, city it took place in, smokers, exhibitions, etc. :

Please list any additional information you want us to know:

Please make sure you have reported ALL of your fighting experience.
To be registered in the Novice division, you cannot have more then 3 bouts of any kind!
Optional:  This section is optional, but if you could fill it out, we would greatly appreciate it!
It helps us put together demographics of the participants which some of the sponsors ask for.
Occupation:    Residence:    Hobbies:

Youth will be placed into brackets according to age (7-17) as of June 26, 2014. 

All winners shall receive custom TBA-SA tournament title belt. Runners Up and below will receive medals.  Each division will have 3-16 fighters.  If less than 3 fighters, the registered fighters will be asked to move to another weight bracket or division.  More than 16, fighter's will have the option to move up or down to another weight division or stay on as an "alternate". We will allow up to 3 Alternates in each division.  Novice fighters can also register 'up' in the Class B division and Class B can register 'up' in the Class A division. Where there is only a novice and open. The novice fighter may register in the open division.

Teams are allowed to enter teammates into the same weight brackets, however they will be placed according to their records. We will NOT intentionally place them on opposite sides of the brackets. Keep in mind, they may have to face each other in the first round if that is the way their records seed them.

RULES: ALL Novice fighters will fight Modified Muay Thai Rules (No elbows or knees to the head).  Class B and Class A fighters (Only 16-17 yr olds in Juniors Open, Class A, & Class B) will be allowed elbows to the head w/supplied elbow pads. We will supply elbow pads!  ADULT Class A Championship bouts will not not wear headgear. (ONLY Championship bouts)

Please read all of the statements below and place your initials in the box to the left of the statement before submitting registration:

I confirm my information is accurate and I have filled in the registration form above with honesty and integrity.

I understand if it is discovered that I have listed false information in order to enter the novice division, I will be disqualified and will receive no refund of monies paid. If it is discovered AFTER competition, any and all titles given will be removed, publicly noted, and I will be required to return medals, belts, and any other awards.

I understand that if I am found to have intentionally supplied false information (i.e. pro/amateur status, birthdate/age, fight record) that I will be disqualified from the tournament and will not receive a refund of any monies paid.

I understand that my spot in the bracket is NOT GUARANTEED until I have completed ALL required steps including submission of this form and payment.

I understand if by the time I have completed all required steps and my first choice of brackets is filled up, I can move to a 'stand by' position in that bracket (and not be guaranteed a fight) or I can move to another bracket/division that still has openings.  At weigh ins, if a spot is available in a bracket/division better suited, I can move once all weigh ins have been completed by paying a transfer fee of $35. If I request to be moved back into my original space BEFORE the final two weeks, I will be moved at no cost.

I understand, if I show up at weigh ins and cannot make weight, I will either have to withdraw and receive no refund, or I will pay the transfer fee of $50 and move into a different bracket.

Once I have paid my registration fee, if I am forced to withdraw, I forfeit any monies paid unless absence is due to military deployment.  I will submit written proof by military personnel.

If I have paid my registration fee, am listed as a 'stand by' and show up ready to fight, but I am unable to fight due to my bracket still being full, I may either choose to move to a bracket that still has an opening or I will receive a refund of my registration fee. If I am able to move, I will not be charged the 'transfer fee'.

I understand if I fail to withdraw and do not show up ("no show") that I will receive no refund or credit for any monies paid. I will also be marked as a "No Show" on the website and all paperwork.

No Awards will be awarded without competing in at least one fight.

Each division is required to have at least two competitors to stay open and three for a confirmed bracket to compete.

Junior Fighters- On May 11, 2014, the TBA-SA staff will begin adjusting brackets, if needed. Your trainer will be contacted to discuss possible changes to ensure you have at least one fight and everyone has sufficient time to make new weight. Once empty brackets have been closed out, no one will be allowed to register in them. Registrations will be accepted for brackets with fighters still in. By completing this registration, the parent or trainer submitting it agrees to the match ups completed by the TBA-SA staff.  If you decide to not participate in the match made, the fighter will be dropped and will not receive a refund.

I have read the above statements and understand and agree with all of them: 
(Please type name of person submitting this registration, and relationship to fighter,  to confirm you have read this.) 
First and Last name of person submitting registration
Relationship to Fighter:

I prefer to be contacted by   in the event you have further questions. 

**Please Note:  Registration information does not automatically show up. 
Once received it will be reviewed and then posted. Please allow 48 hours for it to post to the website.  Thank you!


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